Sauda Jasmine Simba Kilumanga

Photograph of Sauda Jasmine Simba

The Choir's Coordinator and Performance Mistress of Ceremonies

Sauda Jasmine Simba was born on 15th December 1961 in Moshi, Tanzania. She obtained her BSc in Moderatorship at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Sauda has worked for a number of international companies in the fields of marketing and public relations. She has a passion for music, theatre, film and culture.

Sauda has an impressive string of achievements to her bow, the author of 9 children's books, presenter of the English news bulletin on ITV in Tanzania and a member of numerous Boards and Committees related to media and culture.

A first class jazz singer in her own right, Sauda recorded her debut CD titled 'Simply Jazzmin' in March 2006 under the name Sauda Jazzmin.

Sauda travels with the Choir as their tour coordinator and translator and is the Mistress of Ceremonies for all their performances. Her vibrant and natural persona coupled with her affinity for music magically establishes an intimate relationship with each person in the audience.