Peter Charles

Photograph of Peter Charles

The Genius Behind The Music

One could argue that providing you're not tone deaf, it would be relatively easy to assemble a group of orchestral musicians. Turning them into a first class symphony orchestra however, requires two essential elements, a first class conductor with passion and the work of a composer. Without them, the best you will have is a group of musicians.

For a choir, the same logic applies. For the Golden Pride Children's Choir, Peter Charles is both the choirmaster and composer in one. He is the gentle, quietly spoken and very humble unsung genius behind the majority of the lyrics, melodies and harmonies.

Unlike many choirs in the developed world, where the choirmaster or mistress would usually conduct, Peter has trained the youngest choir member, 11 year old Mwasi Masanja (pictured with Grant), in that role and she takes it away with all the feeling, confidence and control of someone four times her age.

Photo of Mwasai and Grant Pierce

Peter Furaha Charles was born 1st of July, 1974 in Urambo, Tanzania. His parents are both primary school teachers. He started primary school in 1984 and completed primary school in 1991. In 1992 he joined Uchama Secondary School in Nzega District, completing his secondary school education to Form 4 level in 1995. Peter was then selected to join teachers college in Bukoba.
Peter started singing at a young age in church then joined his school choir and attended several primary school singing competitions. He gained some knowledge of music when he joined the teacher's college, where music lessons were one of the subjects; from there he began writing his own songs. Without a formal education in music, Peter's natural ability has rapidly risen to the surface.
Peter is primary school teacher at Lusu Primary in Nzega District. Without Peter, the choir would just be 42 voices.
Peter's dream is to undertake formal studies in music and develop this as a career.