Messages Of Support

Golden Pride Children's Choir would like to thank everybody for their continued support. Below are a few comments that have we have received...

I wanted to let you all know how very proud I was to have watched these beautiful children sing at the Zoo in Perth Western Australia. They were absolutely awesome.

My husband has come back from working in Tanzania in December and my children are transfixed with his stories about Tanzania and its beautiful and friendly people. My children are doing projects on your country as we speak and to see your choir has enchanted their lives.

Enjoy your time travelling and be very proud of yourselves.

- The Lawrence Family, WA

What you have done is beyond amazing. I don't have the words to express my delight and gratitude at your accomplishment in touching the lives not only of these beautiful young people, their families and teachers, but by sharing this story with the world and for helping us to experience first hand the joy of this choir and appreciating all who have made this come about.

- A. Le Sueur

I was very impressed with the fund raising efforts from the schools. What a lovely way to help those children understand the privilege position we live in and that an extending hand to others less fortunate can really make a difference.

Congratulations to the group and to yourself and other members of your support team. I hope the Commonwealth Games experience goes really well for you.

- Margaret.

I attended the Saturday evening performance in Jualbup Park. It was just terrific. The kids were so polished in their performance and the lovely lady who acted as MC was great.

Thanks for sending all the updates. I've enjoyed hearing about their Perth activities.

- R. MacAlpine

I congratulate the organisers and the children for the fantastic work you are all doing. I consider you all ambassador of Tanzania who represents us all in Australia.

Keep it up

- Onali

I open each email with terrific excitement - It's wonderful to share in your joy - and while I know you mean it when you say it's all because of them, I'm sure it just feels too selfish to take credit for something that gives you such joy and fulfilment!!

Congratulations - and thanks for sharing!!!

- S. Cress
Tanzania Country Director
Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative

It is wonderful receiving your emails and hearing the highlights and experiences you are all enjoying; spiritually I feel we are with you.

Please give the group our congratulations and blessings, we wish we could have seen them in concert here on our country singing.

- D. Ann Preest
North West Cape Exmouth Aboriginal Corporation

I cannot believe what I constantly read from your updates. This specific update is simply breathtaking and awesome. I know that numerous people and organisations have played their part in making this enterprise so magically successful. Yet, in my view, you have put your heart and soul in this project and none of us can be oblivious of the immense contribution you have made to make this project so eventful and historic. Everyday is a new day, bringing new hope and posing the challenges of transforming the lives of young children from a remote and poor part of Tanzania. If globalization were to reach out more forcefully with this kind of opportunity and empathy to the vulnerable and marginalised young people of this world, it would be hailed as a movement of liberation.

Allow me to thank you most heartily for your priceless efforts. Tanzania will always remember you for your commitment and love of its children. I truly hope that Jimmy Cliff will honor his pledge and thereby contributing to putting Tanzania on the global music arena.

Best wishes

- J. Mwapachu

Congratulations on what now appears to be opportunities for the choir that would be beyond your wildest dreams.

It was a pleasure to host them at Phillip Island and I think they had a wonderful time by the smiles on the faces - I bet they slept well on the bus on the way back to Melbourne.

I believe that links have also now been made with the Tanzanian Games team as a result of their visit to listen to the choir as well on Friday night - I hope that this can continue when they return to Tanzania.

I will be encouraging local groups to continue to donate towards the school and other projects in Tanzania and hope that this will be a long association between Bass Coast and the choir and Tanzania.

Can I again take this opportunity to thank you for enabling the choir to visit us.

Good luck with the remainder of your visit in Melbourne and your return to Tanzania

- J. Churchill
Arts and Leisure Co-ordinator
Bass Coast Shire Council

Thanks very much for your newsletters. They lift my heart, as did the children's performance in Fremantle.

I am very happy for both the children and for you that the tour has been such a success and, from your accounts, a happy occasion for the kids!

With the possible Swiss connection, now almost definitely also a life-changing experience for them. You have shown that one person can make a difference!

I wish both you and them every success and happiness for the future.

- D. Adrian

I am so glad your Australian tour has gone so well. It has been good reading about the effect the choir has been having on Australians. We are so blessed to have had this opportunity. Thank you to all the adults who have made this possible.

It is good to read that the choir have other opportunities of performing and seeing other countries later in the year. The world is becoming a smaller place. And your children remind us all, of the importance of universal brotherhood/sisterhood. Music has the power to unite and strengthen the bonds between people across the world.

God bless you all. Safe trip home. And again THANKS!!!!

- M. & A. Proctor

I must admit that you have proved to be real ambasdor of Tanzania with a team of young patriotic future leaders to pave way for the developed Tanzania.

We are all proud of you all. Give our best wishes to all.

- Onali

Congratulations on the Choir's fabulous performances here in Australia. I was lucky enough to see them yesterday at Alexandra Gardens for their final performance and they were fantastic. It was awesome to see them all sing live. They looked wonderful. I'm sure you are all feeling very proud of them and so you should!! There was a lot of people there too who appreciated their music.

Thank you so much for keeping us all informed of what has happened and such a lot has happened. It must be hard to keep up with it all. Commencing work on the second CD is so exciting - Live with Pride is a great name. What an amazing amount of support has been given to the choir from so many people in Australia. Meeting with Jimmy Cliff has also been such a success for the choir. He recognises the wonderful talent the choir has and he can help it to grow and become even more well known...

What an honour it must be to have his support and encouragement.

The live concert you are talking about sounds like such a good idea. It will take a mammoth amount of work but I hope it comes to life. It would also be great one day to have a CD of the choir singing live at one of their concerts.

For now, you all deserve a well earned rest and a time to reflect on this monumental, amazing time here in Australia. I hope you can all come back again one day.

Take care.

- Y. Ridder-Moloney
Melbourne - Australia

This is a short 'official' note to say what a pleasure it was to have the Choir perform at WOMADelaide last weekend. Thank you to Sauda, and to the children too.

The feedback we have had so far from the media and our audience about your concerts has been inspiring - as we always knew it would be - and it's great to hear that Woodville has looked after you as beautifully as we had hoped.

I hope the CD recording went well, that the soccer match today was fun, and that the Jimmy Cliff Switzerland gig comes off!!

I also wanted to add how impressed I was, not only with the performances, but with the sunny behaviour and enthusiasm of the kids - they were amazing.

So - our deepest thanks for being a highlight of WOMADelaide 2006. It was our biggest festival yet (close to 500 artists and approximately 75,000 attendances over the 3 days) and we appreciate your grace in dealing with the heat and the rain!

We hope you enjoyed yourselves, and felt well-looked after. See you in Melbourne!

- A. Tripodi
Operations & Program Manager Commonwealth Games Cultural Program

I was at the performance on Tuesday night and was so overcome by the children's voices. I brought my family and friends along for some birthday celebrations, but really I wanted then to hear your great choir.

We were all amazed at how beautiful they all sounded and how wonderful they looked in their bright yellow outfits. All of the children seemed so happy and proud, and we were all overcome by this!

As we were listening to the singing a friend made a comment that it made her want to visit Africa on our next overseas trip, and I automatically agreed with her.

Thankyou for arranging their trip to Melbourne, I hope they enjoyed their visit here as much as we loved listening to them. I wish the Golden Pride choir all the best of luck for the future and look forward to reading the updates on how they are going. I bought the CD and love listening to it in the car, it is so relaxing!

Good luck

- A. Flynn

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you all for the wonderful experience you brought to my son and I at the Perth Zoo in Western Australia.

We had the privilege of hearing your beautiful voices and I have to say I have never heard anything quite like it. The term "voices of angels" is definitely true, you are all extremely talented children and I wish more of the Western Australian people could have heard you sing.

I wish you all the very best of luck throughout your journey and may nothing but the very best come your way because you all deserve it 100%.

To the organisers of the event congratulations you have all done an excellent job and deserve a big pat on the back.

Good luck and happiness always

- M. Stankiewicz

The 42 children have had memorable moments since the moment you landed in Australia. You have helped grow in each of the 42 kids a yearning heart for change. You have opened up their eyes to all those posibilities in the developed world. I am sure they know that the new secondary school you are helping to build in their village will be the key to open the doors to those far off places they were able to see. For this to happen, the school must be different from other village sec. schools. It should have good teachers and good learning tools. In this way your dream, the dream of those 42 kids and their parents and indeed the dream of every child will be a reality. You can count on my moral and material support on this.

Wellcome back!!

- M. Maajar

It has indeed been great following the trip these children have made. In spite of the fact that the return to normality does not hold a fraction of the excitement and experience these children have been part of over the past weeks, I have no doubt that their lives have been changed irrevocably for their good and the experience indelibly engraved in their minds.

It has also been a privilege being part of this in a very small way, but without someone like you, neither the children or the sponsors would have had any chance of this great journey. From me, thanks a million. This world would be a really poor place if it were not for you and people like you.

I wish you the special rich fruits of your deeds!

- Greg

I feel privileged to be on the mailing list and my family and I have so enjoyed reading your positive and often funny emails. On the days I have been at Rosalie Primary to teach, I have told your stories to other teachers who were so lucky to have heard the beautiful sounds of the choir and been able to share in the childrens' journey. As the wife of a man who also works overseas (in the oil industry) I can relate in some ways to how your family may feel at losing you to your work and feel immense admiration for your whole family unit for the sacrifice you have all made in making the world a better place for the children and families of the choir. There have been many times in the twenty something years my husband has worked overseas that he has emotionally told me of the wonderful local people he has worked with and met, who have in our eyes so little, but so much that we don't have. Also, having worked with refugee children and families from Afghanistan now settled in Perth, I know the immense hurdles they have had to overcome in their lives to find a brighter future. Our part has been so small when I compare it to yours and I salute you for your courage, conviction and determination. If only a few more souls in this world were as sensitive to the needs of others, what a wonderful world could be had by so many with so little.

I look forward to hearing more news of the children and school and hope that at some time I can be of more use than just a subscriber to your news. If you have the chance, tell the children that although they have left our shores, they will not be forgotten and although they may think they have little in comparism to us, they have the voices of angels and given us more joy than they could imagine. In a world of materialism and consumerism, that is worth millions.

Best wishes to you, the children and your family,

- F. Willis, Shenton Park

Thank you so much for your beautiful presence at the Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival. I am at home now after having seen you past the check-in desks in Melbourne.

Everyone was so impressed by you.

We will miss you. I feel very privileged to have crossed paths with you all.

- A. Owen

Congratulations to all concerned. I was captivated by the musicianship, the sense of rhythm and movement, and the energy generated by this wonderful group of young singers and performers. It was an unforgettable experience. Many thanks for coming to Australia to entertain us with your vitality and enthusiasm for life. We can all learn from the messages that your choir presented about living life to the full.

Cheers and all the best for your future as you delight audiences wherever you may end up performing.

- V. Anderson

Grant, you leave me speechless and teary every time I read one of your wonderful letters. Having seen your beautiful choir perform twice in Perth I know I will follow their course with great interest and affection - it is such an inspiring story you have enabled them to create and it is such a joy to read about in this world of bad news, trivia, meaningless celebrity and worship of the dollar. Congratulations, well done and more power to you! And have a wonderful time in Switzerland.

Next time you are in Australia, I would like to invite you to be a guest speaker in The University of Western Australia's Extension program- please let me know if you are available. I know that our audience would love to hear more about you,the choir and the wonderful work you are doing in Tanzania.

- L. Tilly

I first wrote after hearing the magnificent voices of these young people and sharing how much I thought they had to offer to those of us who DO take for granted our standard of living in Melbourne. I repeat again that these kids were an inspiration in the way they shared their joy of life and their willingness to perform for us.

As a secondary teacher, I see how much they can teach our kids who have grown up taking so much for granted. I am also delighted that their secondary school is going to happen as a result of everyone's efforts. Congrats to you Grant on how much you have done for these kids and their village. Thanks for the updates on their movements and pls keep me informed- I love to hear of all your achievements. I just wish I could visit their home, as they visited mine!

- V. Anderson

To the children of the Golden Pride Children's Choir,

I don't know if this letter will ever reach you, although I still am going to try and send it. I watched your wonderfull proformance on the T.V tonight and was amazing and fufilled. The music that you made carries through people them, makes them joyfull and connected. Lissoning to your music and the feeling you give people, the feeling you gave me, is what every person should fell like everyday of their lives.

Your song, when heard, makes the world a better place.
Thank-you so much!

- J. Black

It is so exciting to see the construction of the school and for your dream to finally be realized.

I guess you must be feeling really proud of the choir and their community, this must be a real morale booster for all involved. It's funny how you take something as important as an education for granted until you see the difference it can make in one persons life. As ever I am always being taught valuable lessons by your updates!!

I hope you are doing well and things are moving smoothly for the Switzerland trip.

- Brooke

Your news about the choir and the new school is fascinating. "Soooo" much work for you and many others. It restores my faith in human nature.

- L. Yelland

Great work and super effort - the wonderful things that are happening for the choir and the kids from the school (also the exposure for Tanzania as a whole) is a testament to your faith in your cause.

- J. Benz

When I read your updates I always feel a sense of the amazing accomplishment of this group of young musicians and of course those people like yourself who thought their journey was worth backing. It is amazing what they have been able to achieve. It has been an enormous journey for everyone involved.

Again my heartfelt congratulations on giving these beautiful young people such amazing opportunities and for allowing them to make their own futures so much more hopeful. What a moment it will be when that school opens with its first intake of young people!

Thanks for keeping me informed. If the choir can come back to Melbourne any time, I'll be there to see them again.

- V. Anderson

Congratulations again with all you have achieved and continue to achieve with your young charges - you have changed their world forever - and made it a much better place for them.

- Jo