Bibi Mary Tungu

Photograph of Bibi Mary Tungu

Mary Tungu was born at Shinyanga Region in 1946. She never had the opportunity to school, so taught herself to read at home. She was trained as a Youth league Girl, as a soldier of Militia (Mgambo) and as a soldier in the National defence force (JWTZ).

Following that Mary was employed as a soldier in the National Defence Force (JWTZ) where she worked until when she was retired. She served for 30 years.
After retiring she decided to turn back at Isanga village to live.
Mary cooks the children a small meal during their choir practices. She is lovingly known as Mama Uji or Bibi, uji being the Kiswahili word for porridge and bibi meaning grandmother.

An army marches on its stomach as does a children's choir sing, thanks to Mary.